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How to Eliminate Head Lice

How to Eliminate Head Lice - Friends are the head itch? Well, perhaps you have Lice dirambut hair. Head lice difficult to find because the color is very similar to hair color and small size. Already know not How to Eliminate Head Lice Experience? Do not know? Okelah if so, this time let 's discuss How to Eliminate

Head Lice In Experience.

Prior to Eradicate Head Lice, my friends should know first the symptoms of head lice head.
Symptoms of Head Lice

Often scratching his head is a sign of a person has head lice. But to ensure its existence, the best practice is spread a towel or a white handkerchief and put the child's head on it, then comb the hair with a special comb for head lice (serit). In the villages of ordinary people keep this type of comb, which is usually double-bladed and spiked close and stiff. If there are head lice, the lice and eggs are the white will fall or stick in hand.

Well if you already know the symptoms and found that my friends have the symptoms of Head Lice. Here are a must you do to Eliminate Head Lice.

How to Eliminate Head Lice In Experience

1. Haircut
For the boy who has severe head lice problem, how to get rid of head lice are most easily reached plontos haircut. Shaving should be done at home, not in a crop dryer to avoid the possibility of contagion to others.

2. Natural Disinfectant Substances
Although currently available drugs have chemical head lice killer, some people still love the natural way to membasminya. In addition to not always effective, chemical-based medicine, however can have side effects for the body (read the rules carefully if you use it wear).

How to Eliminate Head Lice

Here are some natural ingredients easily available and effectively remove head lice:
Eucalyptus oil and lemon juice. Mix a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil with lemon juice. Use the mixture to wet hair and scalp and remas pijatlah-remaslah hair around for a few minutes. Shut your scalp with a plastic shower cap and allow fluid to work for an hour. Then, keramaslah hair clean up. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs are still attached. Repeat several times a week until your child is truly free, lice.

Coconut oil. Coconut oil (Java: klentik oil) can enter respiratory lice and kill them by making drowning and dehydration. When children go to sleep, pour hot oil on his head and wash hair like remaslah. Wrap head with plastic shower cap and sealed up the child. In the morning, wash your child's head to clean the oil. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs are still attached. Perform three consecutive nights. Check your child's hair back and repeat only if necessary.

White vinegar. White vinegar does not kill fleas, but effectively make lice eggs easily escape from cengkeramannya in hair. In addition, vinegar can also be an antiseptic to clean the fungus and bacteria in the head. Fell drop by drop the child's head and scalp with vinegar. Close the head with a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes so the vinegar soak and work. Sisirlah hair with a special comb to remove lice and eggs. The eggs are very sticky on the hair before will easily berlolosan. Then, keramaslah hair clean up. Repeat several times until the children feel free to head lice.

3. Head Lice Prevention of spread

Prevention is the most effective therapy and cheaper in the Head Lice How to Eliminate.

Once you realize your child has head lice, check for other family members and make sure that none of the other family member who is also head lice problem. Do the same when handling an infected family members.
Try not to share any equipment that may be sources of transmission of head lice such as combs, hats, towels, pillows, etc..

Do not hang towels, hats, hijacking and other in the same rack as head lice can jump from one article to another article.

For a while until your child lice free ensured, separate bed. Head lice can jump from one child to another while they sleep with their heads close.

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Well that just a little tips and How to Eliminate Head Lice Prevention Tips Head Lice can spread my love for my friends. Read also How to Beat Hair Loss, Head Lice Fast Basmi friends head because head lice can reduce the concentration of friends on the study. Please read the How to Eliminate Head Lice above, may be useful.
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