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Linux is one example of the development of free software and open source key. Like the free software and other open source on umumnnya, Linux source code can be modified, used and redistributed freely by anyone.

Linux is a modular Unix-like operating system. Linux has a lot of designs derived from the basic design of Unix that was developed in the period of the 1970s until the 1980s. Linux uses a monolithic kernel, the Linux kernel which handles process control, networking, peripherals and accessing the file system. Most Linux distribution supports many programming languages​​.

Linux users, who generally do their own install and configuration of the system, are more likely to understand the technology dibandingpengguna Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Merea often called a hacker or a geek. but the stereotype is diminishing with the increase in user-friendly nature and the growing breadth of Linux distribution users.

Linux has made a pretty good achievement in the server computer market and special tuuan computer, such as image rendering engine Eden web.Linux servers are also gaining in popularity in the desktop computer market. 
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