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Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend
Valentine Gifts - Valentine's day is near, want to look for Valentine's Day Gift for Boyfriend? Ga to be confused because below there are several options valentine gift for a girlfriend and also his beloved wife. Going to add love and affection, let alone previously courted use sms plus sms valentine love ...

Mudah2an wrote a Valentine gift options goceng blog pointed out here cucok with taste mate, in the sense of the word fitting to express affection and love for the girlfriend or wife. Yes udach of the stray that makes a long post, better check wrote several options valentine gift for boyfriend the following:

Valentine gift for girlfriend

1. Roses
The first choice of valentine gifts for boyfriend is a rose. Believe me ... Everyone will know that the roses would make a woman to be impressed. Because roses symbolize love, so it is suitable for a gift on the day of love.

2. Heart Pendant
Other valentine gifts by giving a romantic gift for girlfriend a pendant or any heart-shaped. It can symbolize affection for her boyfriend buddy, do not worry many pricing options that fit in your pocket lionting koq.

3. Chocolate
Brown made a lot of choice, because this one Valentine gift price is quite cheap alias fits in the pocket. However, in order to become something special would that chocolate is wrapped with a heart-shaped gift box. Let me add a romantic ...

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend
Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend 

4. Underwear
Specifically those who are married, valentine gift for wife seemed most fitting to express affection is underwear. Underwear can show how beautiful pair mate when wearing it, but that with the gifts of clothes to make my friend's wife feels that she is still considered beautiful and respected ... ceile ..

5. Perfume
Valentine Gift this one can be a marker pal relationship, especially if the scent of perfume that my friend gave it a very distinctive and recognizable only two aja .. what ya think about perfume?

6. Clothes
Clothes can also be used as a valentine gift for boyfriend, because by buying clothes would give the impression that you people are trendy. Unfortunately, gifts of clothes also means that the giver is more appreciated outside appearance of the inner beauty (huff. ..). Therefore, most fitting clothes are given to those who like to look excited. Choose clothes that fit the same personality .. sasaranmu

Hopefully some of the options valentine gift for boyfriend or to his wife above fit the tastes of my friend and be prepared to get feed back from the girlfriend or wife ... What is interesting is also the Valentine's Day Romantic Sms or traditions surrounding Valentine Pluss .. funny baby videos Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend 
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Fish Consumption During Pregnancy

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
A study done in America recently reported by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that there was a positive relationship between fish consumption habits of a mother during her pregnancy and the level of intelligence of a child's brain when he was three years old.

The study proved that a mother who used to eat fish during pregnancy proved to have a child who is more intelligent and better motor skills than children in the womb during his mother did not eat fish.

A mother who consumed at least two servings of fish per week during pregnancy, proved able to produce offspring (children) with better cognitive level (brightness), capable of absorbing and capturing visual vocabulary better, has a visual and motor skills are more good.

This study contributes significantly to the study of infant brain development, because it turns out the baby's brain development is determined in the days before he was born.
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Almost all our neurons is well established during the second trimester of pregnancy the mother. At that critical process to establish interconnection with the correct place.

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
Fish Consumption During Pregnancy

Thoughts, habits, and our cognitive abilities, of course, is the result of brain functional processes. Therefore, abnormalities of the brain will cause abnormalities in our thoughts and behavior later in life.

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Why fish influential? Because fish contains Omega 3 as an important component in the formation of the brain. Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
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Toxoplasma - Reducing and Preventing

Toxoplasma Reducing and Preventing
Toxoplasma is a disease caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which can be transmitted by cats. But not only cats that can be a mastermind of the spread of the disease toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma can attack all types of wildlife, including birds, fish, rabbits, dogs, pigs, goats and other mammals, even humans.

These parasites can also be found in undercooked meat, soft-boiled eggs, fruits or vegetables contaminated with pet feces that contain Toxoplasma oocytes, one form of Toxoplasma that can cause infection.

What are the consequences if a pregnant woman suffering from Toxoplasma?

Based on several studies, about 40 percent of pregnant women with toxoplasma in early pregnancy, the fetus will be born infected, and 15 percent experienced miscarriage or premature birth. Some 17 percent of fetuses infected in the first trimester, 24 percent in the second trimester, and 62 percent in the third trimester.

The results of other studies have also said that 90 percent of infected infants can be born with a normal, although 80-90 percent of these infants may suffer from impaired vision to blindness after several months or several years after birth, and 10 percent can have a hearing loss.

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Toxoplasmosis in infants can cause abnormalities in the nerves, eyes, and systemic disorders such as pale, yellow, fever, enlarged liver and spleen or bleeding. Impaired nerve function can lead to psychomotor developmental delay in the form of mental retardation (intelligence interruption or delay in speech development), as well as spasms and stiffness that eventually lead to delays in motor development.


Infection in infants is also potentially causing birth defects, especially when it occurs in early pregnancy up to three months. Toxoplasma can also cause encephalus (do not have the bones of the skull), hydrocephalus (enlarged head), and even death.

Can it be treated?
Toxoplasmosis can be treated. With early screening and treatment, transmission to the baby will be reduced to a minimum. In addition, proper early treatment during early pregnancy will significantly reduce the possibility of fetal infection. See your doctor to get Spiramycin or pyrimethamine plus sulfadiazine.

Symptoms of symptoms experienced by someone who is suffering from Toxoplasma?

80-90% normal people show no symptoms. only 10-20 percent showed symptoms. In adults Toxoplasma usually causes symptoms such as:
Sore throat
Enlarged lymph nodes including the liver and spleen
Disorders of the skin
Symptoms are usually mild and heal itself within a few months. most people would assume that he had mild flu and not have to go to the doctor. anyway if you go too, the doctor was very rare that thinking towards Toxoplasma infection.

How to tell if we are suffering from Toxoplasma or not?

One of them by conducting laboratory tests, called TORCH. Namely the examination through four types of tests, parasite Toxoplasma, Rubella virus, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and herpes viruses. There masing2 IgM and IgG test it.

You can prevent the spread of Toxoplasma by doing the following:

People who are not women who are pregnant or otherwise problematic immune circuitry cleaning animal cages every day. Cleaning every day is very important because the feces of infected cats can transmit after 36-48 hours.

Use rubber gloves or disposable when memberishkan cage. After that hand washing using soap evenly.
Should provide in the form of dry cat food, canned, or cooked evenly. Keep your own they are not looking for prey.

Do not eat meat raw or undercooked meat or unpasteurized milk. Cook meat thoroughly and evenly. Wash your hands and other equipment in contact with red meats, such as cutting boards, knives, and the washing bath.
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Wash fruits and vegetables are grown primarily with dishwashing soap, rinse clean. Use gloves when gardening. You do not know where cat feces strewn plain. After that, wash your hands. Toxoplasma - Reducing and Preventing 
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Shopping Baby Carefully

Shopping Baby Carefully
Shopping is the moment baby is eagerly awaited by the couple, who will have a baby, especially when the baby to be born is their first child.

The problems are often encountered confusion expectant parents what equipment to buy, what should be prioritized to be purchased, and how funds should be prepared.

In recent years, the average baby store offers a list of the new baby needs. This list does help, but still recommended for prospective parents still compiling a list of baby needs their own version.

Here is a sample list of basic equipment needs for the new baby.

Needs a shower
Towels. Choose a towel that is wide enough to wrap the baby's body and made of soft material.
Soaps. Soap 2 in 1, which could also be used as a shampoo is more practical and efficient.
The tub. Choose a bathtub that cradle the baby will be removable so the tub can be used until children are older.

Washcloths. A soft washcloth handy to clean the baby's body and holding the bodies of babies exposed to slippery soap so as not to slip from the hands of people who bathe.
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Purposes of breast feeding
Bottle of milk. Milk bottles will be useful for infants who left to work by his mother.
Milker milk. Various models and types of milk available in the market milker. But the actual method of milking milk by hand (hand expressing) can be chosen so that the milker can milk out of baby supplies shopping list.

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Breast milk storage bottles. Breast milk will be stored for long periods of time (up to three months) in the freezer. Glass bottles are the best storage for breast milk. However, there is also of plastic material. If you choose a plastic bottle, notice the security of the plastic material used.

Shopping Baby Carefully

A bottle brush. Bottle brush used to clean milk bottles that have been used. Choose a hair brush is thick and the handle is not slippery. Usually sold with a package of brush dot. Fluid milk bottle sterilizer. This fluid is practical if taken to travel. But actually there are other cheaper ways to sterilize the bottles by boiling. Sterilizing liquid so that the purchase can be postponed.
Cloth diapers
Disposable Diapers
Octopus. Advised not to buy too much because usually octopus baby octopus will wear this for her belly button whistle just yet. After that the baby can be fitted with plain pants and shirts.
Warm clothing
The need to travel
Baby carriers
Bag baby needs
Nursing cover for breastfeeding in public places. Nursing cover handy.
Bedong fabric. Bedong cloth is used to wrap the baby while sleeping, wrapped the baby's body to keep warm and can be used as sleeping mats.
Telon oil. Smeared on the body of a baby to warm the baby's body and prevent mosquitoes and other insects
Baby oil. For the purposes of cleaning the baby's skin or crust for baby massage.
Wet tissue. Wet tissue can be used for many things such as cleaning the remnants of milk / food and clean baby's bottom after bowel movements. Function can be replaced by a wet cotton wet tissue.
Basically, parents should be careful and observant when shopping baby supplies. Buying in installments can be done when funds are limited.
The decision for immediate expenditure when the pregnancy is still not too old is a good decision, because pregnant women will be able to enjoy moments of shopping as an enjoyable recreational activity during pregnancy has not been too heavy burden. Happy shopping ... ;) Shopping Baby Carefully
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Tips for Writing Job Application

Tips for Writing Job Application
Not infrequently, those who just graduated from high school, vocational high school, college or even confused when it will apply for a job. This is due at the time was attending school or college, they never taught tips writing a job application.

As a result they had to send the files without the application is supported by the ability of a good writing job applications. Instead of getting that coveted job, they send the application file which had not glimpsed by human resources staff in charge of selecting new candidates.

Here are some things you need to prepare in writing a job application.

Cover Letter
The first thing you need to prepare in writing a job application is a cover letter or covering letter. Cover Letter is a personal letter (personal) which you addressed to the company (usually the human resources department) consisting of:

The name and address and contact phone number (usually written as a header)
Place and date you are writing a cover letter.
Name and address of the recipient (usually addressed to Manager Human Resources).

Contents cover letter comprising: a brief introduction of who you are, mention the position you are applying, where you can change the design, and the reason you feel worthy to fill the post.

Hail covers.
Write your cover letter short and dense as possible with a formal language. Avoid wide winded mention things unnecessary or redundant.

Curriculum Vitae
In writing a job application, curriculum vitae (CV) is your second weapon after the cover letter. Before the team selectors karyawa candidate, a new look at the applicant's other work (such as photocopy diplomas, transcripts, work samples, etc.), they will read your CV.

Tips for Writing Job Application 

Here are some things you need to include in the CV:
Bios (usually accompanied by recent photographs)
Education Portfolio
Work Experience
Experience Organizations
Achievement (Achievement)
Skills (Skills)
Interests (Hobbies)
As in the cover letter, include avoid things that are not necessary, or not related to the position you are applying. You also did not include fictitious data into CV solely to give a great impression.

Team selectors prospective new employees will usually interview you based on CV they receive. At the time of the interview, they can read if you write a CV with the truth or embellishing with false data.

Other Supporting files
In addition to the cover letter and CV (both are mandatory weapon in the writing job applications), you can complete with supporting files such as photocopies of diplomas and transcripts, latest photographs, samples of work, work experience certificate, and letters of recommendation.

Of course, those files should be tailored to the requirements proposed by the companies who advertise job openings. If the ad requires "complete job applications", meaning you must submit supporting papers as complete as possible.

Read about:

If the job outsourcers include e-mail address to accommodate a job application letter, you simply send a cover letter (which was written as an e-mail) as well as attachments resumes and work samples if required (usually in PDF format). Tips for Writing Job Application
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How to Reduce Weight

Lose Weight. How to Lose Weight. The topics related to how to lose weight is the most hot topics and talk about. Starting from how to lose weight naturally to an extreme, which supposedly can be calculated by the day. Wow how do tuch, Bete can lose weight in a matter of days ..? Cuepet really.

Regardless of how it seems lately that more and more people are overweight, so information on how to lose weight sold.

According to reliable information to lose weight there are a lot of ways, ranging from a decrease posri eating, diet and exercise. How to lose weight the best is to increase exercise activity. But not all people have enough time to exercise. For those who have a preoccupation might be a way to lose weight following can be one solution. do? Let us refer to ...


1. Intention to lose weight;
Want to lose weight but not accompanied with the intention, seems to be a mustahal HIL, let us cultivate in ourselves to implement a program to lose weight is maximal.

2. Expand the protein-containing foods;
Protein works as an appetite suppressant, which when eating foods containing protein it will be full faster and longer than carbohydrates. By eating foods high in protein can also accelerate the rate of metabolism by supporting muscle mass. This is because protein helps build muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat.

Protein-rich foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, nuts and seeds.

3. Stop the habit of snacking, especially at night;
Weight loss and sleep ckup close association. When my friend sleep that the body can not burn the last food we eat (snack before bed) and the food is what will potentially be stored body fat into the body.

4. Drinking green tea;
The content of polyphenols found in green tea can help lose weight in this release is more corpulent fat and calories

How to Reduce Weight
How to Reduce Weight

5. Drinking water;
Many people know that drinking eight glasses of water a day is useful for maintaining health and helps in weight loss,

6. Stop emotional eating
Emotions can trigger hunger and desire to eat more of the requirements needed by the body. Stress, sadness, boredom, anxiety and anger is the cause of emotional eating.

How ..? Interested to try to lose weight as described above? Hopefully this information can be useful in weight loss:)
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Tips for Creating Smart Kids

Tips for Creating Smart Kids
Every parent would want their children grow up to be a smart boy. Indeed genetically intelligence obtained by the child already is inherited from parents. But the genetic factors that influence children to become smart only ranged between 40-80 percent. The rest can be obtained from the surrounding environment.

There is no right size to state exactly what percentage of that intelligence passed down from parents to their children. Outside the genetic trait, the intelligence of children can we create by stimulation or stimulation from the outside as well as the intake of nutritious food. To make children smarter not have to give him milk and food are expensive. There are a lot of food that is cheap and readily available that can help us, the parents, making our children as a smart boy.

Intelligent - Intelligent Child Support Food
Fulfillment of nutrition in children from an early age helps children grow into intelligent child. In the growth stage from infancy to age five, children desperately need lots of protein, carbohydrate, and fat to help him grow properly. Good growth in children is what will shape the child to be smart and healthy.

Other food ingredients that help improve the intelligence of children, namely eating enough fish, exclusive breastfeeding, and the fulfillment of the need for vitamins and minerals. All of these foods is the primary support for the brain development of children so that children grow up to be a smart, genius, creative, and smart.

Join the Children's Environment Shaping Smart
Try not to limit a child's play environments. The more varied the environment the better the child brain development of the smart kids. Wide range of colors, different atmosphere, the people of a wide range of properties will stimulate a child's brain and make it more intelligent because there are many things that can be learned.

Especially if parents provide an environment that is rich in game then it will be more rapid brain development. They are led by their curiosity to observe, try, and train their creativity.

Intelligent children who are creative kids. They have a thousand and one kind of mind that may never be the expected by their parents. Therefore, try to always change the order of colors in the house within a certain period, changing the arrangement of furniture, and decorate the nursery with a variety of things to hone creative thinking smart for their brain development.

Often the child to enjoy a variety of different landscapes. Many sights, such as mountains, hills, beaches, valleys, deserts and even giving a stimulus to the child's brain to think and examine what he saw. Variations diverse environment helps accelerate terkoneksinya nerve cells in the brains of smart kids.

Tips for Creating Smart Kids 

Improving Emotional Intelligence Experience
Bright child must have more emotional experience than children who are not too smart. This emotional experience is formed between the ages of 0-7 years in which patience, self control, cooperation, empathy, and other emotional experiences can be embedded firmly in the brains of children.

Planting early emotion in children makes children become more intelligent in addressing a variety of things that involve his emotions. And today the results of the study also states that emotional maturity is more critical to the success of children later in life compared to just rely on intelligence. The children in the future will be more intelligent in numeracy and using advanced technology such as computers and game play.

Proper stimulation Intelligent Child
Something new, challenging, and often more meaningful to make children interested. Basically, smart kids often get bored if they are just doing the same thing over and over again. However, by giving new things that have not been obtained will make them faster to learn. Hence, frequently provide a new vocabulary, counting the different techniques, perform a variety of small trials, even playing origami can also help children grow up smart.

New things are often found by the smart kids can stimulate the brain to develop faster. Attention to little things, details, especially the shape, color, odor can help get better neural connections. Intelligent child is a child who has the most attention than other children.

Intelligent Child Has a Higher Physical Activity
Intelligent children who have more activity than other children. Activity indeed affects brain development of children in three ways, namely to increase blood circulation to the brain, affecting the production of hormones, and stimulates production of dopamine, which greatly affects the child's mood. The more often a child's physical activity then it will be growing and increasingly intelligent brain was she.

Food Makes Kids Smart
Children become smart is not always based on what is learned and knew. Many factors affect a child smart or not, one of which is food intake. What type of food that could add to the intelligence of children? Here are some foods that can educate the child.

Salmon. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which have an important role in the growth and development of the brain function of children. Those who consume omega 3 will have a sharper mind and become smarter.
Peanut Butter. Peanut butter contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant protective membranes of nerve cells. Together with vitamins and thiamine, vitamin E will help the brain and nervous system in the body to produce energy.

Eggs. Eggs are a very cheap source of protein. Section egg yolks contain choline which can help the development of memory and recall. Intelligent child has a memory and memory is very strong so that they can remember more of what they have learned.

Berry. These colored fruits if the stronger the color the more nutrients that at birth for the formation of smart kids. Berries including strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries contain high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C that works to prevent cancer. Even the seeds in the berries also contain omega-3 fats that help improve memory function in children smart.

Pure Wheat. Capabilities of the wheat is to assist the release of glucose in the body and mengandum vitamin B that is useful for maintaining the body's nervous system in children.

Colored vegetables. Colored vegetables, like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, red spinach, and tomato is a vegetable that has high nutritional and rich in antioxidants which help strengthen brain cells. Brain cells strong will help the smart kids in thinking and remembering things he learned.

Of milk. In four of five perfectly healthy that we often hear, milk plays a very important role in meeting the needs of protein and B vitamins for children. Protein and B vitamins are very important role in the growth of brain tissue as well as an energy source for the brain.

Lean Beef. Lean beef is a source of iron that is essential in providing additional energy to the child so the child becomes much easier to concentrate.

With the above description it was not difficult for parents who want their children to grow up smart. Anyone today can create smart kids, when in reality, his parents did not have a high intelligence. Tips for Creating Smart Kids
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Tips Looking for Scholarships for Foreign Affairs

Tips Looking for Scholarships for Foreign Affairs
To get a scholarship abroad was not easy. Actually, the door is open and there are many paths. But sometimes we do not know which one should pass. Feeling afraid to start there. Hopefully these simple tips can make you dare to apply for scholarships and study abroad.

1. Understand Types of Courses Scholarships
Scholarships are manifold, and each type has different prerequisites. There is a scholarship achievements, there are scholarships, arts, sports and others. Make sure you know which universities will be about the destination. For example if you have the desire to explore the art, try searching for references to the university what is good in this field.

Each country has its own character, as in America there is such thing as stipend. This is the kind of scholarship that can accommodate most of your life while studying there. The condition is that your thesis is considered attractive by the government. Yummy, you also are not obligated to pay money education.

The types of scholarships that are common in foreign countries; Athletic Scholarship, School Based Individual Scholarship, Full Partial Scholarship, Need-based Scholarship and Merit Scholarship. By understanding the characteristics of each scholarship, you can choose roughly where the relevant scholarship.

Tips Looking for Scholarships for Foreign Affairs
Tips Looking for Scholarships for Foreign Affairs 

2. Determine your Options University
Make a list of universities that you're going, then try searching the information. Should not be afraid to hit many targets, so long as it conforms to the fields you want. Do not be pegged at only one university course, the more the baik.Yang keep in mind, every university has different deadlines.

To see the university's qualified or not. You can check via the Internet. Lots of websites that contain recommendations for your university who are looking for university.

3. Learn English with Good and True
Such a trivial thing, but actually this is crucial. On average every university wants a proposal submission in English. If you can not write mean by true in English, then it will reduce your credibility as someone who is educated.

If you are a good thesis, but how to communicate in English is difficult to understand, then you're going to university will shrink first. English is important not only to communicate there. English is important for the same perception between you and the university you are going.

4. Reassure Party University
Make sure that you do something different. Scholarship does not take a little money, the university will consider them carefully to choose. Such as applying for work, you must have a good life skill. Show that you have things that no one else has. Show it specifically, it's better with the portfolio.

No harm in attaching some porofolio you when sending requirements. In addition, if you are active in social organizations, at least it will help. Build a portfolio from one year earlier. But the most important thing is courageous and sincere. Because that is where the magic happens.
Good luck! Tips Looking for Scholarships for Foreign Affairs
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Knowing How to Official Letter Writing

Knowing How to Official Letter Writing
Writing an official letter writing letter do not differ from official or private letters. This is a different kind of letter.

How to write a personal letter is not bound by the standard rules. It's up to just how to write it. But, how to write an official letter was not the case.

Writing a formal letter must meet several provisions that indirectly have a joint agreement.

Personal Letter
Personal letter is a letter prepared by a personal or individual. Personal letter intended for personal interest and written in everyday language, not official, and the shape is more freely.

Personal letter typically contains about:
notice of a news
thank you
share about an experience, and so forth

Official Letter
While an official letter or official letter is a letter aimed at business offices or institutional affairs. Official letter is usually issued by a government agency or private. Official letter form and language are bound by official rules (default).

Official letter can be issued by individuals, addressed to an institution. Or conversely, an agency to individuals or directed to other agencies.

The function of an official letter of which is as a communication tool, reference materials, and archival records (evidence).

Knowing How to Official Letter Writing 

Which includes a formal letter of which are:
Letter of invitation
Letter of agreement
Power of attorney
Job application letter

If you want to create a formal letter to represent an institution, then you must write the correct structure.

Official Letter Writing Structure
The structure of writing a formal letter should contain the following.

letterhead or letter head (containing the name and address of agency);
number of letters, attachments, and about the letter;
date of the letter (the letter made);
mailing address (to whom the letter addressed);
contents of the letter;
regards the cover;
maker's signature the letter;
letter maker's name;
office; and
copy of the letter.

But in general, the structure of official letter-writing consist of three parts, namely:
1. Head of a letter, containing:
number of letters
and about the letter, dated letters, mailing address

2. Board a letter, containing:
contents of the letter
closing salam.

3. Foot of a letter, containing:
maker's signature letter
name maker letter
and copies of letters.

Similarly, the general rules of how to write an official letter in Indonesia. May be useful. Knowing How to Official Letter Writing
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High School Mathematics Study Tips

High School Mathematics Study Tips
For some students, high school math is often regarded as one of the subjects that become frightening. This is because in these lessons, students often get the minimum value under the provisions of applicable yangg. Be it for daily tests, the increase in class or also for the determination of graduation.

Moreover, the new educational system in which to determine graduation a student must have a value above the minimum requirement applicable to all subjects of the three subjects tested. If one lesson has the value under the provisions, then the student in question would otherwise not pass the exam.

One material that is often a stumbling block is the graduation high school mathematics lessons. Consequently, this study considered a horrible lesson and students were less able to follow it to the optimum. Why is that?

Causes of Fear
There are several causes that make a student less able to follow lessons with a good high school math. Among them are:

The existence of the false stigma of high school mathematics. so before dismotivasi lessons have emerged from the students concerned.

Less likely to graduate school. This is subjective, which for some students to graduate school factors affect their interest in following the lesson is in progress.

Atittude of teachers. Teachers are less cooperative attitude in teaching, became one of the causes of decline in the spirit of student learning. As a teacher who installed the spooky face, rarely smiling or angry easily make the students would be difficult to accept the lesson. Because the condition awake in class became less relaxed and more dominated by tension.

High school math more use of abstract numbers. So that students will find it hard to make the picture especially in the application in real life.

The use of the formula is too many, makes students confused to capture the material being taught. In fact, sometimes students do not understand about the matter, but has given the other teaching materials. So understanding and less mature students tend to easily forget.

Fear if the answer given above problem encountered is wrong. It relates to situations where mathematics is an exact science lesson that requires precision in every exam. Thus, a wrong answer will mean failure. This contrasts with a more social learning approach and reasoning, so that an unnecessary exam questions answered correctly and exactly the same. The most important is the essence of the answer can be answered from the given problem.

High School Mathematics

From this description, come to the conclusion that basically can learn high school math required the cooperation of two parties. Between teachers and students must have a common perspective in studying all the material in the lesson.

In addition, students should be given a correct understanding of the mathematics lesson. Students should be aware, that math is a lesson the same as any other lesson. Nothing that can not be solved for a student willing to learn properly.

In addition, students must have the courage and confidence in answering each question there. Students should not fear any advance in answering that question. Due to an error in the answer, not a bad or a failure. However, it can actually make a student will better understand the material and deepen the mathematical concepts and problem analysis.

A teacher must also be put forward paternalist attitude in teaching. Students who are wrong in the answer or do not understand the material, do not need to be addressed with harshly. Instead, teachers should be able to forward the cause sympathetic attitude of the students. So that students may have an interest in learning math.

A student who scolded for not understanding the material error or problem, can affect the loss of interest in learning mathematics. Even in some cases, this makes a student hates math lesson in excess. If left unchecked it will lead to a mathematic disorder, where a person who has this disorder will have a lower math ability than other normal child his age.

Those who experience this disorder, will not be able to do math even the simplest. So that in future this will have an impact on the loss of the ability of the analysis of numeracy in their lives in the long run.

Similarly, the impact on the seriousness of this fear if left unchecked, making all parties should sit together in determining the learning process effective and efficient. The main thing to do is to instill awareness of the importance of mathematics and also eliminates the fear underlying the lesson. In addition, teachers can use a tool that can be seen by the students so that students are not just imagining things in the abstract lesson. This will be very useful in changing the mindset of students towards math.

Math Study Tips
There are a few tips that can be done so that we easily learn the material of this high school math. Among them are:
A lot of practice using a different matter regularly. So that will lead to understanding on a subject matter.
Asked the teacher or another friend if not yet understand a material.
Makes writing a paper about the material in mathematics and menempelkennya in place easily visible. Thus, we will memorize a formula such material without the need to memorize it.
Learning together. Thus, we can discuss with other parties as well as eliminate boredom learn.
 High School Mathematics
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Newton's laws - Starting from Gravity to Motion

Newton's laws - Starting from Gravity to Motion
One day Isaac Newton studied under an apple tree and an apple on his head. Newton wondered why apples fall. These questions yield answers that famous, namely because of the gravitational force that pulls everything to the Earth. The underlying story of the birth aitulah Newton's laws in this world.

The answer was poured into a book entitled "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica". The book was considered the greatest scientific works of all time. In the book also described the three principles that are now known as Newton's laws. Newton's laws of physics followed by all scientists as Einstein until a fix.

Isaac Newton's greatest work is not actually the discovery of gravity or Newton's law itself, but the calculus. Newton was the foundations of mathematics called calculus. Calculus is a tool for understanding Newton's laws. Calculus is also an invaluable tool in developing the science of geometry, llistrik, heat, flow, magnetic, and others. The birth of calculus is considered as the starting point of modern civilization progress.

Nevertheless, the discovery of Newton's law of Newton until today are very helpful. Did you know that Isaac Newton's laws of motion successfully developed when he was 23 years old? Newton's laws are still regarded as a law of nature that underlie the study of mechanics. Newton's laws Newton's laws I and III associated with statics, whereas Newton's second law relates to the dynamics.

Newton in developing its laws, many based on the ideas and the results of Galileo's ideas, a great scientist who succeeded in laying a solid foundation of the concept of motion and acceleration concepts through experiments in the tower of Pisa and the inclined plane. Indirectly, the Newton law Galileo was born from the inspiration that is understood by Newton himself.

Newton's laws

Newton's laws can and have been applied to so many scientific and engineering problems. Newton also pave the way in the field of astronomy. In his great work Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy which presents the laws of gravity and the laws of motion. Newton showed how these laws can be used to predict the movement of planets around the sun exactly.
Newton's Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) is a British scientist who studied the dynamics. Dynamics is the branch of physics that studies the motion of an object. Newton's law of motion of the underlying mechanics of motion in the presence of the branch of Physics. Newton's laws of motion is divided into three, namely the law of Newton I, Newton's second law and Newton's third law.

Newton's laws are very close to our daily lives. You include people who put a seat belt when driving? Yes, in fact, seat belts have an important function. Seat belts are useful to protect the body so as not to collide when the collision occurred.

When the car brakes suddenly, the body which originally spontaneously silence will be pushed toward the front. At the same time, the body is actually still trying to maintain his original position. Such was the style that can also be identified and attributed to Newton's famous law.

Even when you push a car that was breaking down. Newton's laws also apply. Encouragement is given to the car broke down, in Newton's law is called a style. Thus you see your child draw a car-mobilannya, in this case your child is also being issued a style. The style was later associated also with Newton's laws.

If an object falls, we say that it is because it is caused by the force of gravity. So, clearly defined that the force is a push or pull. Style does not always cause the motion. For example, you push a solid wall, but the wall was not moving. Understanding that is also connected with Newton's laws.
Newton's Laws I

I review about Newton's laws or the inert nature of the inertia of an object that has previously been suggested by Galileo. An object is inert means that an object is inclined to maintain the initial state of motion. The point is, if the object at rest, the object is likely to want to always be quiet and if the object is moving in circumstances likely to want to move on.

A large stone on the slopes of the mountain will remain stationary in place until there is another external force to move it. For example tektonisme style or earthquake. This phenomenon has been described in Newton's Law I.

Another example is related to Newton's laws I can feel in our daily lives. When you are on a train or a vehicle, which was originally kenadaraan still and not move all of a sudden move, at the same time your body will be attracted to the opposite direction of motion of the bukaa?

In conclusion I formulate Newton's laws of motion as follows:

Each object maintains the circumstances, still or moving uniformly straight, unless there are forces acting on it. The term force in the statement of Newton's laws I interpreted as a resultant force.

Mathematically, this law can be stated as follows:

If there is no resultant force acting on the object, then the objects will be stationary or moving uniformly straight.
Newton's Second Law

You never saw a football player in action on the ground? Kicking the ball with full power to score against your opponent. Did you notice the movement of the ball? Is the ball suddenly changed direction? The ball must have changed direction when a force about it. Movement of the ball can also be called as a form of Newton's laws.

The ability of objects to maintain state, both when moving and stationary turns out to have the size. Size for mentioning it is called inertia. Influenced inertia of the velocity the object itself, while the quality of its own inertia under the influence of the mass of the object. The formulation as it happens in Newton's laws.

If there is a resultant force arising on an object, the object will move with an acceleration that influenced style. If the object initially at rest and then will move then accelerated to a certain acceleration, while if an object is initially moving with constant velocity will change to be accelerated or slowed jusyru. It is stated in Newton's second law.

The conclusion that shorter is an acceleration produced by the resultant force acting on the object occurs, is directly proportional to the resultant force and inversely proportional to itself the mass of the object. Movement of objects that Terkenai style is a matter that exist in Newton's laws.
Newton's Third Law

Never upset to take it out on the wall? Beat him and then felt the pain? Actually this is also a reaction to the results of the force released when hitting the wall. Wall tells how large the force exerted by the force of the hand when hit by giving pain. The harder the blow given to the wall, the more it will hurt. The pain is felt also a picture of Newton's laws themselves.

This explanation clearly defined in Newton's Third Law which states that the amount of force that caused an object to be as large as the force exerted on the force. But his style opposite direction with a given reaction force on an object. Newton's laws - Starting from Gravity to Motion
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Solar Storm Hits Earth Overnight

Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
Energetic particles from the explosion of "flare" the first solar storm in 2012 which is quite strong that occurred on January 23 at 10:59 pm, has reached the earth on Tuesday, January 24 night time Indonesia.

"The impact on satellite operations was up this Wednesday. Flare is strong enough this is the first time since May 2005 or since seven years ago," said Deputy Science, Assessment, and Aerospace Information Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Prof. Dr. Thomas Djaludin in Jakarta, Wednesday (25 / 1).

A fairly strong solar storm like this could potentially interfere with satellite operations, such as satellite communications, he said. If that happens and can not be addressed by satellite operators, the possibility of interference with the use of mobile phones, TV broadcasting, data communications, banking and other users.

"But usually the satellite operators had anticipated," he said. Another effect is a disruption in the ionosphere that would disrupt radio communication HF / shortwave commonly used by remote communication, including by foreign radio broadcasts such as BBC, VOA, or ABC.

Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
Solar storm hits Earth

"Navigation GPS satellite-based as well as the possibility of impaired accuracy, so do not believe in the position shown GPS (single frequency)," he said.

It is said Djamal, M-class solar storm blast is actually classified as middle class, but because of approaching extreme class (class X), then the impact will be strong enough that leads to the earth.

"After today, there is still potential for stronger storms again this year, because now it's being on the active phase of the sun," he said. Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
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Apple's iPad Outsells HP's PCs in Q1 2012

iPadsIt's no surprise that Apple is one of the top PC and technology makers in the world. What may be surprising is the fact that Apple has surpassed HP in computer unit sales and revenues for the first time ever, making the Cupertino giant the number one company. Apple can attribute a lot of this success to record sales of iPads and, instead of losing sales to low priced tablets, Apple said that it would continue to "innovate like crazy" in the tablet market.

The company reported quarterly sales of 15.4 million iPads and 5.2 million Macs, which gave Apple more than 20 million sales of dedicated computing devices. It was reported that HP's sales for the fourth quarter of 2011 were close to 14.7 million, with Lenovo and Dell selling 12.9 million and 11.6 million units, respectively. In addition to that, Apple's figures were twice that of those reported by Microsoft for the same quarter.

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, was asked about the impact of lower-priced tablets in the market, like Amazon's Kindle Fire. Cook replied that he was happy with the iPad's sales and pointed out that sell-through had exceeded sell-in, which left the company with strained inventory levels around the world, contradicting the rumors that the Kindle Fire had dampened potential iPad sales. Cook also stated that Apple sees the iPad as a "huge opportunity for Apple over time" and that "there will come a day when the tablet market in units is larger than the PC market."

Tablet are indeed doing very well with almost every name in the tech world offering their own version of the iPad which pioneered the market. However, I don't think that tablets will ever fully replace computers or laptops. Physical keyboards and mouse controls are too ingrained in people and are also extremely necessary for a lot of computing tasks. Sure you can make keyboard docks and mouse attachments, but what's the point?

Cook also pointed out that the rapid growth of iPad sales was eating up the growth of generic PC sales but not hurting the Apple's own Mac sales. It seems that all of Apple's mobile tech gadgets draw in customers for the company's netbooks and desktop computers. Sales of both have been up, and over 1/5 of all Apple Mac sales were through the company's own retail stores.

Source: Apple Insider - Apple now largest computer maker, sold more iPads alone than HP sold PCs
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