Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

Solar Storm Hits Earth Overnight

Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
Energetic particles from the explosion of "flare" the first solar storm in 2012 which is quite strong that occurred on January 23 at 10:59 pm, has reached the earth on Tuesday, January 24 night time Indonesia.

"The impact on satellite operations was up this Wednesday. Flare is strong enough this is the first time since May 2005 or since seven years ago," said Deputy Science, Assessment, and Aerospace Information Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), Prof. Dr. Thomas Djaludin in Jakarta, Wednesday (25 / 1).

A fairly strong solar storm like this could potentially interfere with satellite operations, such as satellite communications, he said. If that happens and can not be addressed by satellite operators, the possibility of interference with the use of mobile phones, TV broadcasting, data communications, banking and other users.

"But usually the satellite operators had anticipated," he said. Another effect is a disruption in the ionosphere that would disrupt radio communication HF / shortwave commonly used by remote communication, including by foreign radio broadcasts such as BBC, VOA, or ABC.

Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
Solar storm hits Earth

"Navigation GPS satellite-based as well as the possibility of impaired accuracy, so do not believe in the position shown GPS (single frequency)," he said.

It is said Djamal, M-class solar storm blast is actually classified as middle class, but because of approaching extreme class (class X), then the impact will be strong enough that leads to the earth.

"After today, there is still potential for stronger storms again this year, because now it's being on the active phase of the sun," he said. Solar storm hits Earth Overnight
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