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Shopping Baby Carefully

Shopping Baby Carefully
Shopping is the moment baby is eagerly awaited by the couple, who will have a baby, especially when the baby to be born is their first child.

The problems are often encountered confusion expectant parents what equipment to buy, what should be prioritized to be purchased, and how funds should be prepared.

In recent years, the average baby store offers a list of the new baby needs. This list does help, but still recommended for prospective parents still compiling a list of baby needs their own version.

Here is a sample list of basic equipment needs for the new baby.

Needs a shower
Towels. Choose a towel that is wide enough to wrap the baby's body and made of soft material.
Soaps. Soap 2 in 1, which could also be used as a shampoo is more practical and efficient.
The tub. Choose a bathtub that cradle the baby will be removable so the tub can be used until children are older.

Washcloths. A soft washcloth handy to clean the baby's body and holding the bodies of babies exposed to slippery soap so as not to slip from the hands of people who bathe.
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Purposes of breast feeding
Bottle of milk. Milk bottles will be useful for infants who left to work by his mother.
Milker milk. Various models and types of milk available in the market milker. But the actual method of milking milk by hand (hand expressing) can be chosen so that the milker can milk out of baby supplies shopping list.

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Breast milk storage bottles. Breast milk will be stored for long periods of time (up to three months) in the freezer. Glass bottles are the best storage for breast milk. However, there is also of plastic material. If you choose a plastic bottle, notice the security of the plastic material used.

Shopping Baby Carefully

A bottle brush. Bottle brush used to clean milk bottles that have been used. Choose a hair brush is thick and the handle is not slippery. Usually sold with a package of brush dot. Fluid milk bottle sterilizer. This fluid is practical if taken to travel. But actually there are other cheaper ways to sterilize the bottles by boiling. Sterilizing liquid so that the purchase can be postponed.
Cloth diapers
Disposable Diapers
Octopus. Advised not to buy too much because usually octopus baby octopus will wear this for her belly button whistle just yet. After that the baby can be fitted with plain pants and shirts.
Warm clothing
The need to travel
Baby carriers
Bag baby needs
Nursing cover for breastfeeding in public places. Nursing cover handy.
Bedong fabric. Bedong cloth is used to wrap the baby while sleeping, wrapped the baby's body to keep warm and can be used as sleeping mats.
Telon oil. Smeared on the body of a baby to warm the baby's body and prevent mosquitoes and other insects
Baby oil. For the purposes of cleaning the baby's skin or crust for baby massage.
Wet tissue. Wet tissue can be used for many things such as cleaning the remnants of milk / food and clean baby's bottom after bowel movements. Function can be replaced by a wet cotton wet tissue.
Basically, parents should be careful and observant when shopping baby supplies. Buying in installments can be done when funds are limited.
The decision for immediate expenditure when the pregnancy is still not too old is a good decision, because pregnant women will be able to enjoy moments of shopping as an enjoyable recreational activity during pregnancy has not been too heavy burden. Happy shopping ... ;) Shopping Baby Carefully
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