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Tips for Creating Smart Kids

Tips for Creating Smart Kids
Every parent would want their children grow up to be a smart boy. Indeed genetically intelligence obtained by the child already is inherited from parents. But the genetic factors that influence children to become smart only ranged between 40-80 percent. The rest can be obtained from the surrounding environment.

There is no right size to state exactly what percentage of that intelligence passed down from parents to their children. Outside the genetic trait, the intelligence of children can we create by stimulation or stimulation from the outside as well as the intake of nutritious food. To make children smarter not have to give him milk and food are expensive. There are a lot of food that is cheap and readily available that can help us, the parents, making our children as a smart boy.

Intelligent - Intelligent Child Support Food
Fulfillment of nutrition in children from an early age helps children grow into intelligent child. In the growth stage from infancy to age five, children desperately need lots of protein, carbohydrate, and fat to help him grow properly. Good growth in children is what will shape the child to be smart and healthy.

Other food ingredients that help improve the intelligence of children, namely eating enough fish, exclusive breastfeeding, and the fulfillment of the need for vitamins and minerals. All of these foods is the primary support for the brain development of children so that children grow up to be a smart, genius, creative, and smart.

Join the Children's Environment Shaping Smart
Try not to limit a child's play environments. The more varied the environment the better the child brain development of the smart kids. Wide range of colors, different atmosphere, the people of a wide range of properties will stimulate a child's brain and make it more intelligent because there are many things that can be learned.

Especially if parents provide an environment that is rich in game then it will be more rapid brain development. They are led by their curiosity to observe, try, and train their creativity.

Intelligent children who are creative kids. They have a thousand and one kind of mind that may never be the expected by their parents. Therefore, try to always change the order of colors in the house within a certain period, changing the arrangement of furniture, and decorate the nursery with a variety of things to hone creative thinking smart for their brain development.

Often the child to enjoy a variety of different landscapes. Many sights, such as mountains, hills, beaches, valleys, deserts and even giving a stimulus to the child's brain to think and examine what he saw. Variations diverse environment helps accelerate terkoneksinya nerve cells in the brains of smart kids.

Tips for Creating Smart Kids 

Improving Emotional Intelligence Experience
Bright child must have more emotional experience than children who are not too smart. This emotional experience is formed between the ages of 0-7 years in which patience, self control, cooperation, empathy, and other emotional experiences can be embedded firmly in the brains of children.

Planting early emotion in children makes children become more intelligent in addressing a variety of things that involve his emotions. And today the results of the study also states that emotional maturity is more critical to the success of children later in life compared to just rely on intelligence. The children in the future will be more intelligent in numeracy and using advanced technology such as computers and game play.

Proper stimulation Intelligent Child
Something new, challenging, and often more meaningful to make children interested. Basically, smart kids often get bored if they are just doing the same thing over and over again. However, by giving new things that have not been obtained will make them faster to learn. Hence, frequently provide a new vocabulary, counting the different techniques, perform a variety of small trials, even playing origami can also help children grow up smart.

New things are often found by the smart kids can stimulate the brain to develop faster. Attention to little things, details, especially the shape, color, odor can help get better neural connections. Intelligent child is a child who has the most attention than other children.

Intelligent Child Has a Higher Physical Activity
Intelligent children who have more activity than other children. Activity indeed affects brain development of children in three ways, namely to increase blood circulation to the brain, affecting the production of hormones, and stimulates production of dopamine, which greatly affects the child's mood. The more often a child's physical activity then it will be growing and increasingly intelligent brain was she.

Food Makes Kids Smart
Children become smart is not always based on what is learned and knew. Many factors affect a child smart or not, one of which is food intake. What type of food that could add to the intelligence of children? Here are some foods that can educate the child.

Salmon. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which have an important role in the growth and development of the brain function of children. Those who consume omega 3 will have a sharper mind and become smarter.
Peanut Butter. Peanut butter contains vitamin E which is an antioxidant protective membranes of nerve cells. Together with vitamins and thiamine, vitamin E will help the brain and nervous system in the body to produce energy.

Eggs. Eggs are a very cheap source of protein. Section egg yolks contain choline which can help the development of memory and recall. Intelligent child has a memory and memory is very strong so that they can remember more of what they have learned.

Berry. These colored fruits if the stronger the color the more nutrients that at birth for the formation of smart kids. Berries including strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries contain high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C that works to prevent cancer. Even the seeds in the berries also contain omega-3 fats that help improve memory function in children smart.

Pure Wheat. Capabilities of the wheat is to assist the release of glucose in the body and mengandum vitamin B that is useful for maintaining the body's nervous system in children.

Colored vegetables. Colored vegetables, like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, red spinach, and tomato is a vegetable that has high nutritional and rich in antioxidants which help strengthen brain cells. Brain cells strong will help the smart kids in thinking and remembering things he learned.

Of milk. In four of five perfectly healthy that we often hear, milk plays a very important role in meeting the needs of protein and B vitamins for children. Protein and B vitamins are very important role in the growth of brain tissue as well as an energy source for the brain.

Lean Beef. Lean beef is a source of iron that is essential in providing additional energy to the child so the child becomes much easier to concentrate.

With the above description it was not difficult for parents who want their children to grow up smart. Anyone today can create smart kids, when in reality, his parents did not have a high intelligence. Tips for Creating Smart Kids
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