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High School Mathematics Study Tips

High School Mathematics Study Tips
For some students, high school math is often regarded as one of the subjects that become frightening. This is because in these lessons, students often get the minimum value under the provisions of applicable yangg. Be it for daily tests, the increase in class or also for the determination of graduation.

Moreover, the new educational system in which to determine graduation a student must have a value above the minimum requirement applicable to all subjects of the three subjects tested. If one lesson has the value under the provisions, then the student in question would otherwise not pass the exam.

One material that is often a stumbling block is the graduation high school mathematics lessons. Consequently, this study considered a horrible lesson and students were less able to follow it to the optimum. Why is that?

Causes of Fear
There are several causes that make a student less able to follow lessons with a good high school math. Among them are:

The existence of the false stigma of high school mathematics. so before dismotivasi lessons have emerged from the students concerned.

Less likely to graduate school. This is subjective, which for some students to graduate school factors affect their interest in following the lesson is in progress.

Atittude of teachers. Teachers are less cooperative attitude in teaching, became one of the causes of decline in the spirit of student learning. As a teacher who installed the spooky face, rarely smiling or angry easily make the students would be difficult to accept the lesson. Because the condition awake in class became less relaxed and more dominated by tension.

High school math more use of abstract numbers. So that students will find it hard to make the picture especially in the application in real life.

The use of the formula is too many, makes students confused to capture the material being taught. In fact, sometimes students do not understand about the matter, but has given the other teaching materials. So understanding and less mature students tend to easily forget.

Fear if the answer given above problem encountered is wrong. It relates to situations where mathematics is an exact science lesson that requires precision in every exam. Thus, a wrong answer will mean failure. This contrasts with a more social learning approach and reasoning, so that an unnecessary exam questions answered correctly and exactly the same. The most important is the essence of the answer can be answered from the given problem.

High School Mathematics

From this description, come to the conclusion that basically can learn high school math required the cooperation of two parties. Between teachers and students must have a common perspective in studying all the material in the lesson.

In addition, students should be given a correct understanding of the mathematics lesson. Students should be aware, that math is a lesson the same as any other lesson. Nothing that can not be solved for a student willing to learn properly.

In addition, students must have the courage and confidence in answering each question there. Students should not fear any advance in answering that question. Due to an error in the answer, not a bad or a failure. However, it can actually make a student will better understand the material and deepen the mathematical concepts and problem analysis.

A teacher must also be put forward paternalist attitude in teaching. Students who are wrong in the answer or do not understand the material, do not need to be addressed with harshly. Instead, teachers should be able to forward the cause sympathetic attitude of the students. So that students may have an interest in learning math.

A student who scolded for not understanding the material error or problem, can affect the loss of interest in learning mathematics. Even in some cases, this makes a student hates math lesson in excess. If left unchecked it will lead to a mathematic disorder, where a person who has this disorder will have a lower math ability than other normal child his age.

Those who experience this disorder, will not be able to do math even the simplest. So that in future this will have an impact on the loss of the ability of the analysis of numeracy in their lives in the long run.

Similarly, the impact on the seriousness of this fear if left unchecked, making all parties should sit together in determining the learning process effective and efficient. The main thing to do is to instill awareness of the importance of mathematics and also eliminates the fear underlying the lesson. In addition, teachers can use a tool that can be seen by the students so that students are not just imagining things in the abstract lesson. This will be very useful in changing the mindset of students towards math.

Math Study Tips
There are a few tips that can be done so that we easily learn the material of this high school math. Among them are:
A lot of practice using a different matter regularly. So that will lead to understanding on a subject matter.
Asked the teacher or another friend if not yet understand a material.
Makes writing a paper about the material in mathematics and menempelkennya in place easily visible. Thus, we will memorize a formula such material without the need to memorize it.
Learning together. Thus, we can discuss with other parties as well as eliminate boredom learn.
 High School Mathematics
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