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Fish Consumption During Pregnancy

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
A study done in America recently reported by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that there was a positive relationship between fish consumption habits of a mother during her pregnancy and the level of intelligence of a child's brain when he was three years old.

The study proved that a mother who used to eat fish during pregnancy proved to have a child who is more intelligent and better motor skills than children in the womb during his mother did not eat fish.

A mother who consumed at least two servings of fish per week during pregnancy, proved able to produce offspring (children) with better cognitive level (brightness), capable of absorbing and capturing visual vocabulary better, has a visual and motor skills are more good.

This study contributes significantly to the study of infant brain development, because it turns out the baby's brain development is determined in the days before he was born.
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Almost all our neurons is well established during the second trimester of pregnancy the mother. At that critical process to establish interconnection with the correct place.

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
Fish Consumption During Pregnancy

Thoughts, habits, and our cognitive abilities, of course, is the result of brain functional processes. Therefore, abnormalities of the brain will cause abnormalities in our thoughts and behavior later in life.

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Why fish influential? Because fish contains Omega 3 as an important component in the formation of the brain. Fish Consumption During Pregnancy
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