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Knowing How to Official Letter Writing

Knowing How to Official Letter Writing
Writing an official letter writing letter do not differ from official or private letters. This is a different kind of letter.

How to write a personal letter is not bound by the standard rules. It's up to just how to write it. But, how to write an official letter was not the case.

Writing a formal letter must meet several provisions that indirectly have a joint agreement.

Personal Letter
Personal letter is a letter prepared by a personal or individual. Personal letter intended for personal interest and written in everyday language, not official, and the shape is more freely.

Personal letter typically contains about:
notice of a news
thank you
share about an experience, and so forth

Official Letter
While an official letter or official letter is a letter aimed at business offices or institutional affairs. Official letter is usually issued by a government agency or private. Official letter form and language are bound by official rules (default).

Official letter can be issued by individuals, addressed to an institution. Or conversely, an agency to individuals or directed to other agencies.

The function of an official letter of which is as a communication tool, reference materials, and archival records (evidence).

Knowing How to Official Letter Writing 

Which includes a formal letter of which are:
Letter of invitation
Letter of agreement
Power of attorney
Job application letter

If you want to create a formal letter to represent an institution, then you must write the correct structure.

Official Letter Writing Structure
The structure of writing a formal letter should contain the following.

letterhead or letter head (containing the name and address of agency);
number of letters, attachments, and about the letter;
date of the letter (the letter made);
mailing address (to whom the letter addressed);
contents of the letter;
regards the cover;
maker's signature the letter;
letter maker's name;
office; and
copy of the letter.

But in general, the structure of official letter-writing consist of three parts, namely:
1. Head of a letter, containing:
number of letters
and about the letter, dated letters, mailing address

2. Board a letter, containing:
contents of the letter
closing salam.

3. Foot of a letter, containing:
maker's signature letter
name maker letter
and copies of letters.

Similarly, the general rules of how to write an official letter in Indonesia. May be useful. Knowing How to Official Letter Writing
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