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The Best Sources Protein - Food High Protein

Protein is a highly important part of our diet. In fact it is literally the building block that makes up our body. Both protein and our muscles/tendons/flesh etc are made from amino acids, and that means that when we eat meat we are almost literally recycling it to use on our own bodies. When it comes to protein you really literally are what you eat. Eating good quality protein then will help your body to heal wounds, build muscle and create other tissue. However not all protein is made equal, and if you want to get the very best protein then you need to carefully select your sources. Here we will look at some of the best sources of protein in the world, whether you are looking for them for building muscle, or just to stay in shape. The different protein sources here have different benefits, and some of the sources have other unrelated health benefits too, so here we'll give a brief description of each source and why its so good along with its listing.

Red meat: Red meat means lamb or beef and typically it's not considered one of the best sources of protein in the world. The reason for this is that it's not lean and that means that you take a lot of fat in with the amino acids when you eat this meat. This also means that red meat can increase cholesterol so a bodybuilder wouldn't be advised to eat huge amounts of lamb to repair the muscles and help them grow. However this doesn't mean that red meat is not without merit and it has many other advantages as a protein source. For one, fat isn't entirely a bad thing and in fact aids your body in processing protein – so you don't want entirely lean protein sources or you won't be able to get the most benefit from them. At the same time red meat also triggers the production of natural testosterone and that means that puts the body in an anabolic state where it will build muscle, heal wounds and burn fat. This is why some bodybuilders take testosterone supplements. Red meat is not one of the best sources of protein in the world in terms of lean protein alone, but it has its place certainly.

Egg: Egg on the other hand is one of the best sources of protein in the world in terms of lean protein, and is quite likely in fact the best source full stop. Egg white has very little fat in it so many people will leave the yolk out when then eat egg for its protein. However this is actually a mistake as only when the white and the yolk are combined do they contain all 27 amino acids (the exact number of amino acids depends on the report you read, but the most recent data suggests there are 27) and egg is the only source of protein that does. It is highly important that the body gets all 27 amino acids every day to be able to perform all of the maintenance tasks it needs to because each amino acid is used for a different job. Normally then you need to eat multiple sources of protein in each helping. As such egg is certainly one of the best protein sources in the world and the only source that is sufficient to meet the body's requirements on its own. Some bodybuilders will eat egg raw but this can actually lead to a biotin deficiency which results in loss of muscle mass.

Chicken: Chicken is superior to red meat in terms of the lean protein and has comparatively very little fat. Meanwhile it is also highly 'bio available' which means that the body can use more of the protein found in chicken than it can in red meat. However chicken lacks some of the other benefits of red meat. For eating in high quantities and for sportsmen and women chicken is one of the most popular and best sources of protein in the world.

Tuna: Tuna fish, like chicken, is one of the best sources of protein in the world in terms of how lean and bio-available it is. At the same time though it also has several other benefits. It is high in the essential fatty acid 'Omega 3' which makes it great for the joints and again aids with the body's protein absorption. Meanwhile this also boosts IQ and helps to keep the joints supple.

Whey: Whey is the protein source that is found in most 'protein shakes'. It is a by-product of the cheese making process so comes from milk. It is highly bio-available and also very convenient in powder form allowing for it to be easily carried around and eaten in very large quantities. Most manufacturers will also include many other complimentary ingredients such as creatine to ensure that they are the best sources of protein in the world. The Best Sources Protein - Food High Protein
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