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Stay Away from The Breast Cancer

Stay Away from The Breast Cancer
To reduce the risk of breast cancer, we do not need to exercise extreme. Even with the walk we are able to maintain breast health significantly. Never too late to feel the benefits.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, scientists found that women who regularly exercise a brisk walk at the end of the age of 30 and 40 years have an increased risk of developing breast cancer is lower than their colleagues who are lazy to move.

The study involved 74,000 postmenopausal women aged 50-79 years. They are the respondents in the Women's Health Initiative study in 2002. The results of these studies, among others, concluded the benefits of hormone replacement therapy to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The results of research on the benefits of walking is to strengthen the various studies that mention regular exercise effectively reduces the risk of breast cancer. In addition, it is never too late to start.

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Respondents are only 1.5 to 2 hours of brisk exercise every week and started when they were aged 35 and 50 years also have the benefit reduced cancer risk by 18 percent. But, of course, the benefits would be more meaningful if the exercise begins as early as possible.

The Breast Cancer
The Breast Cancer 

In addition to walking, other sports that are fun such as swimming and cycling, if done regularly, it will reduce the risk of cancer greater. Not to forget, there are more heart healthy bonuses while keeping weight remains ideal. Stay Away from The Breast Cancer
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Linux is one example of the development of free software and open source key. Like the free software and other open source on umumnnya, Linux source code can be modified, used and redistributed freely by anyone.

Linux is a modular Unix-like operating system. Linux has a lot of designs derived from the basic design of Unix that was developed in the period of the 1970s until the 1980s. Linux uses a monolithic kernel, the Linux kernel which handles process control, networking, peripherals and accessing the file system. Most Linux distribution supports many programming languages​​.

Linux users, who generally do their own install and configuration of the system, are more likely to understand the technology dibandingpengguna Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Merea often called a hacker or a geek. but the stereotype is diminishing with the increase in user-friendly nature and the growing breadth of Linux distribution users.

Linux has made a pretty good achievement in the server computer market and special tuuan computer, such as image rendering engine Eden web.Linux servers are also gaining in popularity in the desktop computer market. 
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How to Eliminate Head Lice

How to Eliminate Head Lice - Friends are the head itch? Well, perhaps you have Lice dirambut hair. Head lice difficult to find because the color is very similar to hair color and small size. Already know not How to Eliminate Head Lice Experience? Do not know? Okelah if so, this time let 's discuss How to Eliminate

Head Lice In Experience.

Prior to Eradicate Head Lice, my friends should know first the symptoms of head lice head.
Symptoms of Head Lice

Often scratching his head is a sign of a person has head lice. But to ensure its existence, the best practice is spread a towel or a white handkerchief and put the child's head on it, then comb the hair with a special comb for head lice (serit). In the villages of ordinary people keep this type of comb, which is usually double-bladed and spiked close and stiff. If there are head lice, the lice and eggs are the white will fall or stick in hand.

Well if you already know the symptoms and found that my friends have the symptoms of Head Lice. Here are a must you do to Eliminate Head Lice.

How to Eliminate Head Lice In Experience

1. Haircut
For the boy who has severe head lice problem, how to get rid of head lice are most easily reached plontos haircut. Shaving should be done at home, not in a crop dryer to avoid the possibility of contagion to others.

2. Natural Disinfectant Substances
Although currently available drugs have chemical head lice killer, some people still love the natural way to membasminya. In addition to not always effective, chemical-based medicine, however can have side effects for the body (read the rules carefully if you use it wear).

How to Eliminate Head Lice

Here are some natural ingredients easily available and effectively remove head lice:
Eucalyptus oil and lemon juice. Mix a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil with lemon juice. Use the mixture to wet hair and scalp and remas pijatlah-remaslah hair around for a few minutes. Shut your scalp with a plastic shower cap and allow fluid to work for an hour. Then, keramaslah hair clean up. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs are still attached. Repeat several times a week until your child is truly free, lice.

Coconut oil. Coconut oil (Java: klentik oil) can enter respiratory lice and kill them by making drowning and dehydration. When children go to sleep, pour hot oil on his head and wash hair like remaslah. Wrap head with plastic shower cap and sealed up the child. In the morning, wash your child's head to clean the oil. Comb hair with a special comb to clean the lice eggs are still attached. Perform three consecutive nights. Check your child's hair back and repeat only if necessary.

White vinegar. White vinegar does not kill fleas, but effectively make lice eggs easily escape from cengkeramannya in hair. In addition, vinegar can also be an antiseptic to clean the fungus and bacteria in the head. Fell drop by drop the child's head and scalp with vinegar. Close the head with a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes so the vinegar soak and work. Sisirlah hair with a special comb to remove lice and eggs. The eggs are very sticky on the hair before will easily berlolosan. Then, keramaslah hair clean up. Repeat several times until the children feel free to head lice.

3. Head Lice Prevention of spread

Prevention is the most effective therapy and cheaper in the Head Lice How to Eliminate.

Once you realize your child has head lice, check for other family members and make sure that none of the other family member who is also head lice problem. Do the same when handling an infected family members.
Try not to share any equipment that may be sources of transmission of head lice such as combs, hats, towels, pillows, etc..

Do not hang towels, hats, hijacking and other in the same rack as head lice can jump from one article to another article.

For a while until your child lice free ensured, separate bed. Head lice can jump from one child to another while they sleep with their heads close.

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Well that just a little tips and How to Eliminate Head Lice Prevention Tips Head Lice can spread my love for my friends. Read also How to Beat Hair Loss, Head Lice Fast Basmi friends head because head lice can reduce the concentration of friends on the study. Please read the How to Eliminate Head Lice above, may be useful.
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Edit Photos Online Free

Edit Photos Online Free - Free Online Photo Editing Sites. List of Free Online Photo Editing sites below can help my friend who wants to edit photos but do not have photo editing skills. Free Online Photo Editing is the best solution for the beginner. If we must use a particular software to download them first, after that it took many hours to get the desired results. Why not take advantage of a place or site that can edit photos online for free aja? More convenient and practical!

Ok. no need strings attached if you want to edit photos online for free, immediately sambangi or visit some places / sites that can get a free photo editing without the need to buddy techniques or skills below .. :


1. Photo funia
Sites that ngetrend by the name of this Funia photos have been discussed in previous blog posts goceng (Funia Photo Free Online Photo Editing). Pretty cool and unique, because we will be a framed photo of interest. Even though as our pictures on display in a building, billboards, magazines, snow and others. Immediately wrote to

2. Be Funky
Free Online Photo Editing Sites that allow people to easily create the rich and artistic photography of their digital photos without needing any technical knowledge. Immediately wrote to

3. Fake Magazine Cover
Presents a fantasy mate like a magazine model with a visit or to edit photos via free sites

Edit Photos Online Free 

4. FunPhotoBox
This is a free online photo editing sites and worthy friend the next try, where Fun Photo Box can create funny pictures from your photo. visit:

5. Pizap
Photo mate will be funny pictures, unique and gokil out when editing on this one site. Many display options are available and may invite laughter like a funny photo. Another advantage we can add effects, text and add accessories and mimic our facial expressions, very cool.!. Just try sambangi
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That information about Free Online Photo Editing. Actually there are many free online photo editing site that will be expressed here, but since it's time for lunch and eyes admin bobo goceng blog also is getting his small wattage listen to tracks on videos due to him or me purple .. therefore immediately wrote to the list of free online photo editing sites above, completed
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Women Fall In Love Signs

Women Fall In Love - This time I will tell Women Love Signs. Well, ya really good for guys who want to know Women's Love Signs. Yups, by knowing the signs of a woman in love of course, we as the people here so much to know how to take a stance going forward, bener not? Okay do not need another length, please read carefully the Women's Fall In Love Signs below.

I share characteristics or sign Love Women's Medium to 2 ie, Feature Women Who Love Women In General and Characteristics Moderate Fall In Love Special. What's the difference? Please be continued reading below.

Characteristics for Women Who Love in General
Knowing yourself Want In Men In-Depth. Women who are there to a man's heart will always try to find a man who loved deeply. When these traits are shown a woman to you, then try to let him know about yourself, this will certainly make your way to unite with him.

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 Jealous When Men Talk with Other Women
When a woman is in love, then the trend he would often look jealous when the guy she likes to talk intimately with another woman. He will try to escape for a while, and this is done solely in order to calm himself who was frantic.

Women Fall In Love
Women Fall In Love

Taking Time for the man of her dreams
If a woman was like a man, then one thing he would do is always take the time to a man who fancied. It is not possible when women are in love, then he will give signal to men, to invite the man to go on a date.

Characteristics for Women Who Love Specially
Touching the cheek or chin rub gently. This is a sign he was thinking that she feel comfortable with you in some ways. Folding his hands on the table while talking with you by putting your elbows on the back of one hand, while the other hand holding the elbow with the back of the hand facing you.

Putting a finger in between the teeth. Finger which I mean here of course all fingers (except the middle finger) and not the toes. The middle finger is not included because it would provide "a different meaning".

Blinked more often than usual when talking to you. But you should first make sure it's not because of smth.
Twisting her hair with her fingers when she was staring at you. Question then becomes, what about the veiled woman?

Raised eyebrows and then lower it with a smile. This shows that he is attracted to you.
Laugh along with you when you laugh at something that may not even think he's funny. When chatting with him try to laugh at something that is far from funny category, and watch his reaction. Your eyes with a look in his eyes and dilated pupils. It would be very difficult to see this phenomenon in women who suffer from cataracts.
Touching the arm, shoulder, arm or your thigh while talking to you.

Trying to follow the way you talk faster than either of you speak your voice low and high.
Well, already you know Women's Love Signs. Does anyone have temenmu characteristics or signs of Women Who Love as above? if yes, a wonderful opportunity for you deketin tuh her. haha, please read again Women Fall In Love Signs
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