Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Bolton Destroyed by Chelsea, Controversial Goals

Bolton Destroyed by Chelsea, Controversial Goals.
Chelsea is the bigger football team from London. They have solid team, so to difficult to beating them. But Bolton have more motivation to beating Chealsea. In the fact, Bolton was destroyed by Chealsea football team at Sunday Night in Indonesia times.
In half time Chealsea surpass bolton with 4-0, just in minute 75' Chealsea was destroyed Bolton 5 - 1, In full time is same And its the bad dream for Bolton team. They must win at next match.

Important Notes that this match have a controversial goals. Referee not see second Bolton Goals.

Chealsea is better defence and offence of the Bolton, we saw deserved Chealsea win and destroyed Bolton.

Bolton Destroyed by Chelsea, Controversial Goals. 

Created: Muhammad Tsani A. Hakim
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